Superheroes from the Dream Island

Basic information about the project

"Superheroes from the Dream Island" is original project, authored by Zoran Videnovic, and made by VFF Multimedia Workshop from Belgrade, Serbia. It is a system of educational and entertaining multimedia material an accessories, based on the original story, characters, 3D modeling and animation, for children from 4 to 12 years.

For more details please see the live broadcasting TV show every day from Monday to Friday on the RTS 2 TV channel in Belgrade, from 18:30 to 19:00 (time zone GMT+1), visit our web sites (English) and (Serbian), or request us to send you more information and promotional material.

The main advantages of this project

  • Original story, drawings, characters, landscapes, 3D models and animations,
  • Strong accent on the classic human virtues,
  • Strong contrast in style, story and general design to the prevalent production for children with violent content,
  • Bright, clear and optimistic visual style,
  • No national and time limitation,
  • Strong accent that people should be friend to them own selves and to each other, so they could by this save the whole one beautiful world.

Business to business note

If you are seriously interested in business opportunities on this project, please feel free to contact us with your proposal.
Some parts of this project are done and published on TV, on the internet and in the printed media. There are many other possibilities for the further development and for the business use. The best opportunities are in making and selling 3D computer games, video serial for TV and accessories.


The project "Superheroes from the Dream Island" is copyrighted in USA and Europe.